Pray at home: resources for Maundy Thursday

This Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter, we are offering resources for you to use to pray at home. We are deliberately encouraging you to print these out, and leave your screens behind as you keep the key hours of Holy Week.

Each day there will be some additional links on the web page and facebook page, to help you get ready or to join in with the prayer of the wider church. We’ll send out the resources the evening before, so that you can read through and know what’s coming.

Have a blessed Holy Week.


The resources for Maundy Thursday are here.

Once you have read them, you may also want to explore these links:

Yeast Bread Recipe

Flat Bread Recipe (Tortilla)

Quick Bread Recipe – video or recipe


The Last Supper — Mark 14.12-26 (or John 13.1-17, 35b-35)

Gospel of the Watch (Gethsemane) — Luke 22.31-62

One thought

  1. Thank you.
    I need the personal I’m finding difficult. Am I the only one?
    My own screen is the one inside, holding memories, stories and all the stories, told yet again.
    So, this is more one for me.

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