Holy Week & Easter

All being well, the scaffolding will be coming down at All Saints just in time for the Triduum and Easter Egg Hunt.

The congregation at New Waltham have made a generous decision to join in worship at All Saints, Waltham so that we can all make the journey of Holy Week together. This is the most intense time of worship and prayer in the year – a rollercoaster of emotions as we share the intimacy of the Last Supper, face the brutality and desolation of the cross, and then wait through the emptiness of Holy Saturday, before emerging into the joy of Easter Day: the fulfilment of the hope that life overcomes death.

This Holy week, we will be carrying all the griefs of Covid, and the horrors of the current war in Ukraine, and proclaiming the resurrection in defiant hope.

What I always say of Holy Week is this: if you make the time to join in, it will change you. God always turns up, in unexpected ways, and these three days are given to us for our healing, as well as our celebration. If you have never been before and want to have a chat bout what to expect, please ring me (Kimberly) on 822172. Or just come and see.

Palm Sunday (10 April)

11 am Palm Sunday Eucharist – All Saints, Waltham
This service begins with shouts of Hosanna, as we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Then, the mood shifts as we read together the whole of the Passion Narrative, reminding us of the journey we make through Holy Week.

Online Worship

Each day of Holy Week, we will be re-posting the Holy Week reflections that were created last year. They will be posted at 4 pm each day on the News Page.

Maundy Thursday (14 April)

7.30 pm Commemoration of the Last Supper & Stripping of the Altars
All Saints, Waltham
On the last night of his life, Jesus chose to have dinner with his friends.
This is a night for intimacy with God – first in sharing the eucharist, and then in keeping watch as we keep vigil for an hour, remembering Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
We ask that you keep silence on church grounds after the eucharist – leaving when you wish, after the Gospel of the Watch is read.

Good Friday (15 April)

12 – 2 pm Silent Prayer, 2 – 3 pm Good Friday Liturgy – All Saints, Waltham
This day, we keep watch for the three hours that Jesus hung on the cross. This service is hard – and its supposed to be. Facing the pain of Good Friday helps us more deeply experience the joy of Easter.

Holy Saturday (16 April)

This is the in-beween day, when all feels empty.
We will be cleaning and decorating the church in preparation for Easter from 10 am – 1 pm. All are welcome – and needed! – as we make the church ready for Easter Day.

Easter Eve (16 April)

8 pm Easter Vigil – Lighting of the New Fire, Renewal of Baptismal vows & First Eucharist of Easter – All Saints, Waltham
This is the night when we tell the story of salvation – through scripture, song, and movement. We begin outside, light a bonfire, and prepare the Easter Candle, then we bring the new light into the dark church. We sing the exultet, and shout Alleluias to welcome the risen Christ.

Easter Day (17 April)

11 am Eucharist for Easter Day – All Saints Waltham
This is the day of joy – invite friends and family: the hard things are over.
After the service there is an egg hunt around the church.

Easter Day – New Waltham

There will be an Easter Trail in the garden at St Matthew’s. Come any time after 10 am to follow the trail and join in the celebration of Easter.

Easter Day – Ravendale

4 pm Easter Celebration & Egg Hunt – St Martin’s, East Ravendale
The egg hunt is back! There will be a short act of worship, followed by an egg hunt in the church grounds. You will need big pockets or a basket to carry home all the chocolate eggs.

At Ravendale, some of our regular worshippers have four legs. Dogs are welcome, but we remind you that the chocolate eggs will be all over the church yard, and are not safe for pups. We therefore ask that you keep your dog on a lead outside until the end of the egg hunt — though they are welcome to wander freely inside.

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