All Saints, Waltham

Of all the churches in the Waltham Group, All Saints has changed the most through COVID.  So many of the congregation have faced significant life changes, and we find that we do not currently have enough volunteers to do all of the things we want to do. We will not give up. All Saints has been at the heart of the village for centuries, and we are committed to making it so again. If you care about this church and would like to get involved, there are a thousand ways you could help. Please get in touch, so that we can have a conversation.


We have had to reduce the number of Sunday services during the current clergy shortage in the deanery. The current pattern is: 

1st Sundays11 am Sung Eucharist
afternoon baptisms
2nd Sundays9 am Morning Prayer
11 am Sung Eucharist
3rd Sundays11 am Sung Eucharist
afternoon baptisms
4th Sundays9 am Sung Eucharist
11 am smAll Saints (especially for young children & baptism preparation)
5th Sundays11 am Sung Eucharist


As we rebuild after COVID, we are focusing our energy on helping young children recover from the isolation of COVID. We have therefore started an after school group, called SPARK, that meets fortnightly in term time (Thursdays, 3.15 – 4.30). We have also started a new smAll Saints service on the 4th Sundays at 11 am. We use the Diddy Disciples materials, to help very young children and their families begin to learn the rhythms of worship and the stories of God.

If you would like to get involved in this work with children, please ring Kimberly, the rector, on 01472 822172, to learn more about what is involved.

The pandemic interrupted Waltham’s long tradition of choral music. We hope to rebuild, but at present only have an occasional choir for Christmas and special festivals.

The bell ringers are going strong, and welcome new members. Contact us to learn more.

Church Hall

The Church Hall is available for public use, and is a popular gathering place for dance lessons, birthday parties, Tai Chi, the WI, the Walthamites, and other community groups. Please contact us for more information.