Dinner Church

Dinner Church
First Friday of Every Month
Gathering at 6.30 for a 7 pm Start
St Matthew’s, New Waltham

We are building a new community that gathers around a table. Together, we’ll cook a meal, set the table,  eat together, explore stories from the bible, sing, pray, and get to know each other. Then we’ll all wash up.

Jesus spent a lot of his time talking with people and sharing meals. This was so important to him that it’s what he did the last night before he died — he had a meal with his friends, and blessed bread and wine, and promised that whenever we did the same, he would be with us.

For Jesus’ friends, sharing bread and wine in communion was as natural as having dinner together. It was how new members of the community joined in. So, Dinner Church will also be a communion service — we’ll bless bread and wine, and share it, trusting that it is Jesus’ gift to us, and a way for us to draw closer to Jesus and to each other. This is God’s table, and all are welcome.

Don’t feel you have to have all your questions about God sorted before you join in. All you need is a willingness to come and see — and to join in together, as we draw on old traditions to create something new.

We will meet on the First Friday of every month at St Matthew’s Church, New Waltham, next door to the school. We gather between 6.30 – 7 to set the table and finish preparing the meal, then we begin our worship and meal at 7 pm. We’ll be washing up by 8.30 pm.

The meal will be simple and vegetarian. If you have dietary requirements, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Come alone or with family or friends. Children are welcome so long as they are happy to join in and share a meal at the table.