Begin to Belong

Covid-update: All face-to-face meetings are on hold right now, as we keep each other safe. If you would like information on how you can join in online, please contact us or check out our facebook page and leave a message. 

Ever wondered how you join the church?

In England, everyone is born into a parish — there’s a church that’s yours, just down the street. But knowing how to join in is a different thing.  You can drop in any time — for a service, for an event — or just for a bit of quiet when the church is open. But if you’d like to get more involved, here’s a road map to get you started:

Fill out a Welcome Card.

(you can find the paper version in church)

Come to a Welcome Evening.

Welcome Evenings take place in September & January.  They offer a chance to meet people, learn more about what’s going on in church and the community, and — at the God Talk evenings — to share questions and ideas about faith.

Join a Small Group

Small Groups are a great way to get to know people, and to learn more about Christian Faith. Each group meets for just a few weeks, and explores a particular topic. You can sign up for one group each term — meeting new people and exploring new ideas each season.

Make a Commitment to Worship

The hardest thing about worship is getting around to doing it. Experience teaches that it’s a whole lot easier if you decide once, and just keep holding yourself to the decision.  No one is going to ask you what your plans are — but for your own sake, decide what you want, and then stick to it.

At first, it’s good to make a short term plan: come once a week for 6 weeks, or twice a month for 3 months. Maybe you’d prefer a short service of prayer and chant on Tuesdays at 5.15pm, or Dinner Church on the first Friday of every month. If you’d like help deciding, get in touch, or just come along to something and talk with one of the clergy before you leave.

Find a Place to Serve

Sometimes we grow just by joining in and doing what’s needed. Maybe you could join the choir, do a reading, clean the church, or help with the flowers. Maybe you’d like to join Mother’s Union, or help lead smAll Saints, or join the PCC who set vision for the church and look after the property and finance. Maybe you’re life is to busy to join a regular group, but you could bake a cake occasionally, or help welcome baptism families. There are a thousand ways to get involved, and make the community stronger for everyone.  To learn how to find a place to serve, send us a note, or talk with the clergy or wardens after a service.

Find a Way to Give

Faith is ultimately about realising that everything we have is gift — given by the God who loves us.  So we give too — to the church, and to the needs of the world.If you are ready to join in the work that God is doing here (and yes, sometimes that is as simple as making sure we can pay the bills…) then please set up a standing order, and if you are a tax payer, sign a Gift Aid declaration. To learn how please contact us and give us your name and email address, and the name of the church you would like to support, and we’ll have the treasurer or gift-aid officer get in touch with you.