East Ravendale Church of England Primary School

East Ravendale is our Church School in the Waltham Group.  We work hard to help the children get a glimpse of God’s love and beauty, and to understand that they play a part in making this world a better place. Our hope is that the children will be open to God, and ask good questions about faith, without feeling that they have to have all the answers.

East Ravendale a small school of about 100 children, where children form strong relationships with each other, with their teachers, and the wider church community.

We have a weekly assembly which meets alternately in church and in school,  and we are often in school for other events.

School families gather with the village for the Christmas Carol Service (usually the Friday before Christmas), and an informal Easter Service & Egg Hunt (usually at 4 pm, Easter Day.)

Please see the school website for more information.