Music and Worship

Music helps us to say things to God — and express things about God — that we can’t express in words alone. Singing together helps shape us as a community, and is part of our offering and response to God. It’s also something we can all do together — even young children join in, humming, crying, dancing along or simply watching in amazement as they listen to so many people around them making such interesting noise.

Too many of us grow up afraid of our own voices — we come to believe that we can’t sing, or that we can’t sing well enough to be heard in public. But singing is as much a part of being human as speaking or laughing or moving in response to rhythm. We can all do it — we just need to remember how and let go of our fears.  So, we sing a lot in church.  We sing at the eucharist, and we sing at All Age craft, story and song days. We sing in prayer groups, and sometimes in meetings.  We sing a bit less in the villages, and a bit more in Waltham and New Waltham. The 8 am eucharist and prayer book communion services are generally said, not sung — but music is never far away, and the hope is we will all find a way to join in.


In Waltham, there is an excellent mixed voice choir of all ages, with a predominantly young soprano line.  The choir helps to lead worship at 10 am and at 6.30 pm on Sundays and sings at major festivals and celebrations.

Singing in a choir provides a superb musical education. Young sopranos and trebles have the opportunity to work towards Royal School of Church Music awards, and to attend residential training courses. To date, three former sopranos have gained places in the internationally renowned Millennium Youth Choir, and one was selected to take part in the Genesis Sixteen Scheme, which aims to nurture the next generation of talented ensemble singers. Many of our past choristers have gained places at music colleges and conservatoires.

New members are always welcome. Anyone can join the choir – an ability to read music is helpful but not essential. Some of our members are not readers, but they are supported by the other singers.

If you would like to sing with the choir, or if you think your child would like to sing, please come to a service in Waltham at 10 am or 6.30 pm on a Sunday and speak with the director of music after the service. You can also contact us using the form below.

Choir practice is on a Thursday night. Sopranos (children, teenagers and adults) rehearse from 6.30 – 7.30, and are then joined by altos, tenors and basses from 7.30 – 8.15 pm. Altos, tenors and basses rehearse separately from 8.15 – 8.45 pm.


Waltham has a strong tradition of bell ringing. The group rings for services, weddings and festivals around the region. They meet on alternate Wednesday evenings to practise, and at 9.30 am on Sundays to ring. New members are always welcome, both teens and adults alike.

For more information about Bell Ringing in Waltham, please follow this link. 

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