Welcome, Laurence

Please pray for Laurence Price, who is to be ordained Deacon on 26 June, 2016.

Laurence will do his Curacy in the Waltham Group, and will work with the Ministry Team in all six Churches. Please join us at St Matthew’s, New Waltham on Sunday, 26 June at 5 pm for Evening Prayer a party to celebrate his ordination and arrival.


Easter Eve (26 March)

8 pm Easter Vigil, lighting of the new fire, baptism & first eucharist of Easter (Waltham)

Easter Day (27 March)

10 am Easter Eucharist (Waltham)

10 am Easter Eucharist (New Waltham)

4 pm Easter Celebration: worship, egg hunt, cake (Ravendale)

6.30 pm Festal Evensong (Waltham)

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