Baptism — Christenings


Lots of you have been waiting very patiently for Christening dates, as we worked through the backlog of baptisms from the pandemic. The good news is, we’re almost there — there are a few dates left over the summer and Autumn, and by New Year bookings are back to normal.

We are still sharing clergy between a lot of churches, so the pattern for Baptisms is as follows:

All Saints, Waltham — 1st & 3rd Sundays at 1 pm and 2pm

St Peter’s, Humberston — 2nd Sundays at 1 pm, 4th Sundays at 1 pm and 2 pm

Baptisms in New Waltham, Ravendale, Ashby, Brigsley, or Barnoldby are by arrangement — usually replacing baptisms in Waltham on the first or third Sunday.

You can see the booking calendars here:



Or you can get in touch by WhatsApp (+44) 1472 822172.

Getting Ready

To help you get ready for baptism – and to complete the paperwork for booking – you are invited to come to a smAll Saints service on the 4th Sunday of every month at 11 am at All Saints Waltham.

smAll Saints is aimed at young children, and their families and friends. There’s 20 min of informal worship (usually a story, a song, and a prayer), and then a chance to chat about baptism and fill in your paperwork.

You might choose to come every month, to become part of the community of the church, or you can come just the once. Godparents are most welcome too (and Godparents: bringing your godchildren to smAll Saints is a great way to live out the promises you make and to give weary parents a break on a Sunday morning).

If you can’t come to smAll Saints to fill out your paperwork and learn more, ring or send a WhatsApp message, and we’ll arrange another time to meet with you.

On the Day

Baptisms usually take about 30 min. They are very relaxed. It is usually just your family, thought we never promise this absolutely since exceptions arise. If you are sharing a baptism with another family we will always tell you.

Choosing Godparents

Godparents make promises to help raise a child in faith — to pray for their godchildren, and to help them get to know God. Therefore, Godparents must be baptised. On the booking form we will ask you to tell us when and where the Godparents were baptised.

If there are people you want to include in your child’s life who are not baptised, or who cannot make baptismal promises in good faith, we can find other ways to include them on the day, without asking them to say things they don’t mean. Most baptisms have a mix of true Godparents, and other ‘Special Adults’ in the children’s life.

Sometimes, an adult starts thinking about baptism because they have been asked to be a godparent, and want to take the job seriously. If one of your potential godparents is not yet baptised, but would like to consider being so, please get in touch. We can easily prepare the adult for baptism, and baptise both adult and child on the same day.

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