During 2020 -2021 our worship pattern has changed a lot, and we are still in a period of transition as we adjust to living in a world with Covid. Please do keep an eye on the News Page for any last minute changes to the worship pattern.

Current Pattern

Sunday worship is shared between Waltham and New Waltham, with more occasional services at Ravendale and Ashby. We are currently supporting St Peter’s, Humberston through a vacancy, so their services are included too. The pattern is as follows:

Every Week
(so you don’t have to check
which week it is!)
There is always a service of some sort at Waltham and Humberston at 11 am.
1st & 3rd Sundays
9 am Eucharist, New Waltham
11 am Eucharist, Waltham
11 am Morning Prayer or
Liturgy of the Word, Humberston
2nd Sundays9 am Morning Prayer, Waltham
11 am Eucharist, Waltham
11 am Eucharist, Humberston
4th Sundays9 am Eucharist, Waltham
11 am smAll Saints – Diddy Disciples
11 am Eucharist, Humberston
5th Sundays9 am BCP Holy Communion, Ravendale
11 am Eucharist, Waltham
11 am worship at Humberston (pattern varies)

Waltham Baptisms1st & 3rd Sunday afternoons
Humberston Baptisms2nd & 4th Sunday afternoons
Baptisms in other villagesby arrangement

Online worship from the Waltham Group8.30 am Morning Prayer on facebook
Occasional online services posted on Facebook and this website

What to Expect

We are really looking forward to the day that worship can be full of music and movement and laughter — but for now, our worship is more reserved, as we do all that we can to keep everyone safe. We are still wearing masks and allowing each other lots of space, so we can help keep each other safe.

You will be given an order of service that helps you join in the worship. Every church has slightly different customs around when to stand and sit, and the usual congregation has varied practice, so whatever you choose to do will be fine.

after evensong at Pentecost

We normally encourage children to be themselves and
to wander back and forth between the pews and the art corner. Right now, we have to be a bit more careful, and ask that you keep young children with you. Please feel free to bring whatever books, supplies or quiet toys help them feel at ease. We know that multi-tasking is often how children participate, and prayer arises naturally as they learn to join in.

During the pandemic, communion is ‘in one kind’ — that means you will be given bread, but we are not currently sharing the cup. We will return to sharing the cup when Covid is sufficiently ‘over’ that it is endemic rather than pandemic. If you do not wish to receive communion, you can come up for a blessing instead – just keep your hands folded at the rail.

If you are new to church, some things are bound to seem strange. Please don’t worry. The decision to be there is the thing that matters. Part of how we know we are growing in faith is that things that once seemed strange begin to make sense, and we find ourselves joining in without thinking, prompted by the Spirit of God.