Wedding Planning – arranging a phone call

COVID regulations have added a lot of complexity to wedding planning. 

In 2020, most weddings were deferred to 2021. We are now at the point — in early 2021 — that some of the 2021 weddings are being moved to 2022, and of course, we’re taking new bookings for 2022 & 2023.  We want to work with you as best we can to do find the right way forward for your wedding.

Because we are receiving so many calls about weddings right now, we are introducing a new appointments system. 

Kimberly (the Rector) will be available to discuss weddings on Mondays, from 3 – 5 pm, and on Tuesdays, from 12 – 2 pm. Please use the booking form below to make an appointment, and Kimberly will ring you at the time you have chosen.

The appointments are in 10 minute slots: just enough time to book a new wedding, discuss rearranging dates, or to ask a quick question.  If you have a wedding booked for this year, and want to discuss things in more detail, please go ahead and book a 10 minute slot, and we’ll use that time to compare diaries and arrange a zoom meeting for a longer discussion.

You can book an appointment here: 

Wedding Planning – Information

The information below tells you all you need to know about church weddings, and includes links to the latest fees table.

Qualifying Connections

In order to get married in church, you need to have a ‘qualifying connection’ to the church. Qualifying connections include (1) living in the parish, (2) having been baptised here, (3) family connections (if your parents live in the parish, or if either your parents or godparents were baptised or married here), (4) having had a connection with the church in the past (for example, here at a different point in your life), or (5) worshipping here now.  If you would like to get married in church but aren’t sure if you have a ‘qualifying connection’ do speak with the clergy — you can always begin to form a worshipping connection now, in time for your wedding.


At some point in the planning process (usually at the first zoom meeting, while COVID prevents face-to-face meetings), the clergy will need to confirm your ID. Your passport is the most helpful document; alternatively, your drivers licence and proof of address.

If either you or your partner has been married before, there’s an extra step to the process, and we will arrange a zoom meeting when you first ring to book, to talk it through. We will need to see your decree absolute, as well as ID, during this meeting.

Similarly, if either of you is not a British citizen, the process is different. Just tell us when you book, and we’ll give you the information you need.


Banns are part of the legal process of getting married. Banns need to be read three times, at the main act of worship, in the parish where you are getting married, as well as in the parish where you live (if that is different). If you are getting married in one of the Waltham Group Churches, and live here too, it will all happen automatically. If you live elsewhere, you will have to contact your local church to make sure they read banns for you. If you are getting married elsewhere, but live in the Waltham Group, we will need to read banns for you here.

We normally read banns the first three Sundays of each month, in the month preceding the wedding date — so, if your wedding is in July, we will read your banns in June.

Covid-19 and Banns:
We are currently reading Banns two months ahead of the month of the wedding, to insure against any services that are cancelled because of COVID regulations or clergy self-isolating. In the Waltham Group your banns will be read the first three Sundays of the month two-moths ahead of your wedding (so: June for an August Wedding), at whichever church we are worshipping in that day (1st & 3rd Sundays at Waltham, 2nd & 4th Sundays at New Waltham). In Humberston, we are on a fortnightly pattern of worship, and therefore you banns will begin two month ahead, and will completed on the second week of the month preceding your wedding (so: 2nd & 4th Sundays of June & the 2nd week of July for an August wedding)

Sometimes, the COVID regulations have meant that we have had to close the churches to help keep everyone safe. If the church is closed, we cannot read banns, and you may need to apply for a Common Licence. This is legal document giving your permission to marry, and unfortunately involves and extra cost. If we return to lockdown and have to close the churches again, we will let you know that a license may be necessary.

2021 Wedding Information

This is the wedding information letter sent out to couples who were getting married in 2021. It gives you more information about costs and what to expect. This form changes slightly each year, and is for reference only.

If you are preparing a wedding booklet, you can find a sample order of service here.

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