To arrange for a wedding, come along to our booking hour at All Saints, Waltham every Monday (except bank holidays) between 6 – 7 pm.

We can also take enquiries online — follow this link to give us your contact details and to request a date, then either come along on a Monday evening, or call us to arrange a time to meet (01472 822 172).

Qualifying Connections

In order to get married in church, you need to have a ‘qualifying connection’ to the church. Qualifying connections include (1) living in the parish, (2) having been baptised here, (3) family connections (if your parents live in the parish, or if either your parents or godparents were baptised or married here), (4) having had a connection with the church in the past (for example, here at a different point in your life), or (5) worshipping here now.  If you would like to get married in church but aren’t sure if you have a ‘qualifying connection’ do speak with the clergy — you can always begin to form a worshipping connection now, in time for your wedding.


When you come to Parish Office Hour, please bring your passport or driver’s licence as well as proof of address if you can. This will let us complete the registration forms on the night.

If either you or your partner has been married before, please get in touch with the clergy (using the form below) before coming to Parish Office Hour. There is a slightly different process that we need to go through to make plans for the marriage, and it’s best to do this directly, rather than through open office hours.

Similarly, if either of you is not a British citizen, the process is different. You can drop in on a Monday evening for more information, or contact the clergy.

2020 Wedding Information

This is the wedding information letter sent out to couples who were getting married in 2019. It gives you more information about costs and what to expect. This form changes slightly each year, and is for reference only.

If you are preparing a wedding booklet, you can find a sample order of service here.


If you need to get your banns read in the Waltham Group, please come along to our booking hour on Monday evenings between 6- 7 pm.  We usually read banns the first three Sundays of each month, in the month preceding your wedding — so, for a July wedding, your bans are read in June, and you should come to arrange for us to read your banns no later than mid-May.

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