Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Lots of excitement here as we get ready for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols in Waltham.

For one lucky chorister it is her first time — and I find myself thinking about those with whom I shared my first carols service when all the harmonies were new and I had to count frantically through Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day.  At times like these, music itself seems eucharistic — bridging time and space, making present what is past and future, connecting us with those we have sung with in the past, those who are with us now, and all those — anywhere — who share the same notes and draw breath at the same commas.

Join us tonight to build memories and to remember — and to keep the tradition alive.

2 Thoughts

  1. Tonight is the first time we shall have sung Gardner’s “Tomorrow shall be my dancing day” lots of counting! Exciting piece 🙂
    This will be the last year for one of our choristers as next year she may well be at the Royal Northern College of Music! Well done Sophie.
    I only had to hear the words “Beloved in Christ, at this Christmas-tide” on Jeremy Summerly’s programme on radio 4 this week to make me well up. What a fantastic service and tradition started by the Bishop of Truro in 1880.
    Waltham All Saints is certainly playing its part in maintaining this wonderful tradition – Good luck everyone 🙂

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