All Saints All Stars

To celebrate All Saints’ Day, we’re throwing a party on
All Hallows’ Eve — Halloween.

It’s starts with a Bring and Share meal at 6 pm.

At 7 pm it’s time for All Saints All Stars: the wonderful, unpredictable talent show. Last year we had comedy, poetry, cello, violin, arias, show songs, Christmas Carols, The Cat’s Duet and a most delightful Master of Ceremonies. This year, the charming M.C. is the same. The rest is up to you.

Since it’s Halloween, there will be pumpkin carving. Costumes are welcome. Prizes will be given for the best costume for a Saint or Martyr. No gory costumes, please, apart from the martyrs (they break all the rules). 

All are welcome.

All Saints All Stars is on Saturday, 31 October at 6 pm.

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