It’s important to the churches in the Waltham Group, that we have a generous policy of baptism. God’s love runs ahead of us, and we want you to be able to celebrate new life whenever you want to, without putting hurdles in the way.

And yet — baptism is a big thing, and we also want to support you in your life of faith. So, once a month, we meet on a Saturday afternoon between 3 – 4 pm for Splash.

Splash is for parents, godparents, children and friends, who want to learn more about baptism.

If you can come to Splash once or twice before you or your child is baptised, it will help you feel more relaxed, and engage more deeply with what’s happening. Or, you can come after the fact — immediately after baptism, or when your child reaches toddler stage and begins asking questions, or any time at all that you want to explore what baptism means for you, for your children and for your godchildren.

Splash runs on a cycle throughout the year — each time is different, but the themes repeat so you can join in whenever it suits you.

Dates for Splash – Autumn 2017

16 Sept — Water & Promises. Chat & activities to help you get ready for baptism.
14 Oct — Friends for Life. Being a fabulous godparent.
16 Nov — Every Day Sacred. Creating family rituals to make good days better, and hard days more manageable.

The first Baptism at Splash will be in January.

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