Accidental Saints

Accidental Saints
Celebrating Kindness & Courage

Do you know someone in our community who does amazing things?
Do you know someone who does quite ordinary things, extraordinarily well?

This year, we want to celebrate Accidental Saints:
people of all ages who give us hope and courage, just by being who they are.

We’ll be celebrating our newly minted Saints on All Saints weekend: 1 – 4 November. The best bit of the party will be on Sunday, 4 November when we name the Accidental Saints for 2018, and hand out halos (and cake).

To Nominate a Saint, you can fill out a form online at

There are paper nomination forms at All Saints Church, Waltham and at St Matthew’s, New Waltham.

In October, there will be art workshops, and story sharing times, and discussion groups on Nadia Bolz Webber’s wonderful book, Accidental Satins.  Sign up for Waltham Group News to receive more information, or just keep an eye on the Facebook page.


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