Begin to Belong

Ever wondered how you join the church?

In England, everyone is born into a parish — there’s a church that’s yours, just down the street. But knowing how to join in is a different thing.  You can drop in any time — for a service, for an event — or just for a bit of quiet when the church is open. But if you’d like to get more involved, here’s a road map to get you started:

Fill out a Welcome Card

Or, you can find a paper version in church.

Come to a Welcome Evening.

Welcome evenings take place in September and January.  They’re a chance to meet people and learn more about what’s going on.

The next Welcome Evening is on Tuesday, 11 September at 7 pm at All Saints, Waltham.

Join a Small Group

Small Groups are a great way to get to know people, and to learn more about Christian Faith. Each group meets for just a few weeks, and explores a particular topic.

Make a Commitment to Worship

The hardest thing about worship is getting around to doing it. Experience teaches that it’s a whole lot easier if you decide once, and just keep holding yourself to the decision.  No one is going to ask you what your plans are — but for your own sake, decide what you want, and then stick to it.  Commit to Worship.

Find a Place to Serve

Sometimes we grow just by joining in and doing what’s needed. There are a thousand ways to get involved, and make the community stronger for everyone.  Find a Place to Serve.

Find a Way to Give

Faith is about learning to trust that there is enough — food, friendship, money, meaning, kindness, love — God gives us all that we need. And so, we give back. If you are ready to help support the work of the church by financial giving, please get in touch, tell us which church you would like to support, and we’ll send you the information you need.

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