Sacred Stories Workshop & Lent Group

Update – 14 March, 2020

In order to help keep everyone safe as Coronavirus is spreading, we are suspending the Lent Groups as of this week. Will will offer some on line resources, ways of praying at home. Sacred Stories will be resumed once it is safe for us to meet again.

Kimberly (Rector)

Workshop — Sat. 29 Feb. 2 – 4 pm
St Matthew’s, New Waltham

Lent Group — Tuesdays in March 7.15 – 8.45 pm.

St Matthew’s, New Waltham

Church is one of the only places in the world where adults and children alike have stories read aloud to them each week. Our sacred stories should fill us will all the excitement we feel when a good story teller catches our attention with the words ‘once upon a time’. But let’s be honest: sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. The readings in church can seem long, difficult, or just plan dull.

This season, we’re setting out on a journey to learn to read and tell our sacred stories with more confidence and joy.

The Sacred Story Workshop is aimed mostly at those who read aloud in church or who find themselves telling bible stories aloud at home, in schools, or among friends. No experience is needed. If you can, bring along a favourite children’s book and be ready to name a favourite bible story or two. But if you can’t, just come…

The Lent Group will offer tools for becoming more confident story tellers. How do we read scripture so that the story comes to life for those listening? How do we find our voice as readers and story tellers? Although words are are primary medium, along the way we’ll dig into texts by playing with words, images, emotional range, maps, and drawing. Each person will choose a bible story that is fun to tell, and one that’s a bit harder to read, and be given tools to read aloud and re-tell the story well.

For the Lent Group, you might find it helpful to bring a blank notebook (not lined) and a bible. But we’ll have materials available too.

Storytelling is a real gift — but it is also a skill that can be learned and improved. Whether you want to be more confident in chatting about sacred stories with your family, or whether you want to grow as a story teller in front of a crowd, this is a chance to spread your wings and grow.

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