Baptisms during Covid-19

Update – 25 March.

Churches are currently closed to help keep everyone safe from the virus. We will be in touch with all baptism families who are likely to be affected by this to help you plan for a future date.

Although we will continue to offer baptism through this period of social distancing and isolation, we will have to strip the service back to its bare essentials.

In order to keep each other safe, attendance at baptism is currently limited to the baptismal candidate, his or her parents & godparents (up to 3), and the priest. If you wish to be baptised as an adult, you may have sponsors and/or close friends so that the total number of those gathered is no more than 5.

If you have a baptism planned already, you are welcome to keep to your scheduled date, and come back later — once we are free to gather again — for a further celebration with your friends and family. If you would rather postpone your baptism, please get in touch by ringing 01472 822172.

The guidelines for the Church of England during Covid-19 can be found here.

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