Prayer & Worship (Covid-19 update)

In order to help keep everyone safe, the Church of England has suspended all public worship. But there are still ways that we can pray together and support each other through this time.

Praying Together

Although we cannot pray in the same place, we can pray at the same time. There is a long tradition of those who live in monastic communities praying at the normal hours of prayer even if they are away from their house. Now, we reverse the pattern, asking you to pray from your house, at the same hours that Kimberly and Rachel are praying in church. We ask that you not enter church during these times, but pray from where you are.

Morning Prayer – 8.30 am
Evening Prayer – 5 pm

You can find resources for Daily Prayer on the Church of England website, here.

The Eucharist

For many of us, the eucharist is at the heart of our faith, and it seems unthinkable that we not share in this act of worship, prayer, and transformation each week. And yet, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we have been asked to let go of our shared thanksgiving for now. We know how hard this is, and how unprecidented.

**Because the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is one of the core things that Jesus asked us to do — one of the things that gives us our identity as the body of Christ — we will continue to celebrate the eucharist in a very restricted way, praying for you and on your behalf. Three times a week, Kimberly or Rachel will preside over the eucharist, with one other member of the ministry team present (among those who are under 70 and have no other health concerns). Only the person presiding will receive communion. The other person is there to enable the eucharist to take place, and will stand in solidarity with all who cannot receive communion at this time. This is not at all how it is supposed to be — but it’s the best we can do right now. It is important that we keep offering the prayer of the community through the celebration of Holy Communion, and sing our praise to God even when the world has turned upside-down.

The times of the eucharist are deliberately not advertised. If you should by chance enter church when a service is taking place, please respect the advice on physical distancing, and remain in the nave. Even better: carry on with your walk, and pray in church another time when no one is there.

**Update, 25 March — Due to new regulations, it is no longer possible to celebrate the eucharist in church. We will explore other means of online worship once the practical needs of the community are met.


As the weeks go on — and especially in Holy Week and Easter — we will offer you more resources for praying at home. Please keep an eye on the webpage and facebook page.

Prayer Requests

You can leave prayer requests in the form below, or by sending us a message on the church facebook page.

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