Palm Sunday

Waltham Group offerings

We have four videos to help us join together at the start of Holy Week.

The first video is a ‘hello’ from Kimberly, and some thoughts on how we might approach this Holy Week like none other.

The second is a bit of tradition and silliness — hoping smAll Saints will join in gleefully.

Then there is a celebration of the eucharist, offered in two parts. You may wish to join in the Liturgy of the Word, then spend some time reading and praying with the Narrative of the Passion (Matthew 26.14 – 27.54) and praying for the needs of the world before you move on to the Eucharistic Prayer.

Liturgy of the Word (Gospel of the Palms)


Worshipping with the Wider Church

This week, the Church of England Eucharist is led by The Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Manchester.

There is a lovely video on How to Make a Palm Cross from whatever you have lying around by my friend The Revd Kirsten Freeman in the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

There are also offerings from The Diocese of Lincoln, which include Daily Posts from the bishops’ office.

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