Retreat in Daily Life (1 – 30 June)

Update: The Registration Form is here.

At this time when we can’t gather for worship, we’d like to offer you a way to deepen your relationship with God.

This June, we are offering a Retreat in Daily Life: a pattern of prayer which allows us to make a real commitment to silence & prayer, that can flex around the reality of our lives.

We offering this in several ways, to meet different needs:

  • An Accompanied Retreat: 4 weeks of print resources for prayer + a one hour meeting (by zoom or phone) each week with a Spiritual Companion. We have 12 places available for the accompanied retreat, and they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis once registration opens on Monday, 25 May.
  • A Shared Retreat: 4 weeks of print resources, plus a prayer partner. Prayer partners will be paired off from those doing the retreat (you can also choose your own). Each person promises to pray for the other daily, and to speak once a week about how it’s going. Sometimes it helps
  • A Private Retreat: 4 weeks of print resources for you to use as you wish. No one else needs to know.
  • There will also be videos on prayer offered on the Waltham Group Facebook Page throughout the month.

The retreat will be loosely based in Ignatian Prayer: a way of praying that encourages us to pray imaginatively with scripture so that we can develop a felt awareness of God is scripture, and in our own lives. Each week we will also offer suggestions for finding stillness, and noticing what God is calling you to.

Rachel, Kimberly and Alan will be acting as Spiritual Companions. We are not trained Ignatian Retreat leaders, but will walk alongside you as those who share the journey of prayer.

If you are new to prayer – or new to Christian faith – this way of praying can be life-changing. If you have been praying for years, it can help re-connect you with your roots, and look again at what God is calling you to.

What does in involve?

To make the most of a retreat, you need to commit to a stable pattern of prayer. You will need:

  • a desire to draw closer to God
  • 30 minutes a day to pray in silence, using the resources we offer as a starting point.
  • if possible: an additional 15 minutes to reflect on your experience of prayer in a journal
  • willingness to speak openly with your Spiritual Companion (1 hour a week) or Prayer Partner, if you choose one of those routes. All conversations will be confidential, barring the usual exception if there is a safeguarding concern.

How do I join in?

  • If you’d like to learn more first, you can join in an Enquirers Zoom Meeting on Thursday, 21 May at 5.30 pm (immediately after we live-stream Evening Prayer). Email us to get the link for the meeting.
  • Registration begins Monday, 25 May. If you would like a registration form, please ring Kimberly on 822712, or email us. The registration form will also be posted here on the webpage.
  • We will send you everything you need for the retreat, but you may wish to get a blank journal and a modern language version of the bible (e.g. the NRSV or NJB).

Why Pray like this?

If you feel a tug towards prayer, but really aren’t sure what it’s all about, you might find this video from The Community of St Anselm helpful.

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