Retreat Resources: Chant

In Week One of the the retreat, we offer suggestions for four ways to enter stillness at the beginning of a time of prayer.

One of the methods involves singing a chant. You can use any short hymn or song that you know, and that you can sing repeatedly. You sing until you are held in the song, and eventually you let it go: falling into silence as the sound fades away.

Here are some short chants that are worth learning. You can find these, and many more at Music that Makes Community.

Come, my beloved

‘Come my beloved, make your home in my heart.’
This chant is written by Carl Logan, and taught by Chanda Rule.

Tar a Thigherna — ‘Come Lord, Come Thou Being’

This is a Gaelic text, set to music by Ruth Cunningham,
Listen first to the lovely version, recorded by Ana Hernandez.

This song (like many of these chants) exists in several versions. Just learn the melody, and let it evolve. There are some teaching resources here:

Nada te Turbe (Taizé)

This is based on a prayer by Theresa of Avila:

Nothing can trouble
nothing can frighten
those who seek God shall
never go wanting
Nothing can trouble
nothing can frighten
God alone
fills us.

It is sung here in Spanish. You can sing it either way.

Open my Heart (Ana Hernández)

Learn just one part, or several — once you have listened enough times, you will find yourself switching between tunes as you pray.

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