Update on Church Buildings – 4 July

A quick update on where we are with re-opening:

Despite the media reports of churches being able to open this weekend, there are many steps of preparation before any particular church can be opened.

We are planning to begin worshiping in church again at the start of August. Initially, Sunday worship for the whole of the Waltham Group will be at St Matthew’s, New Waltham since it is the building that is safest and easiest to use under current regulations.

All Saints, Waltham will be open for a few hours a week for private prayer before then. How often we open depends on how many people are willing to join the rota for cleaning and hosting (this requires a DBS check), so if you would like to help, please do get in touch. Opening times will be advertised next week.

Thanks to everyone who is working to get All Saints & St Matthew’s ready to open safely.

Churches in the other villages will remain closed for now, while we assess how many churches we can reasonably manage to open under current regulations.

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