Eucharist for the First Sunday of Advent

During this second lockdown, worship in church has been suspended. If you would like to join with others in prayer, we pray together on Facebook on Sundays at 9 and for Morning Prayer Mon-Sat at 8.30 am. Or you can watch here, when it is possible for you.

If you like to cook (or watching the rector doing silly things), you can also join in for the Advent Bake-Along. This week it is a quick recipe: Cranberry & Ginger Muffins. We’ll bot going ‘live’ on facebook at 8 am, so that those who wish can make muffins in time for communion at 9 am.

p.s. I’m so sorry if you looked for this at the usual time, and didn’t find it. I accidentally set it to post PM instead of AM.

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