Sunday 22 August – Meeting to discuss the future of the churches

A note from the Rector:

On Sunday, 22 August, there will be a joint Eucharist for all the churches of the Waltham Group, followed by a meeting to discuss changes that are coming to the local church as part of the new diocesan plan. The Eucharist is at 9 am. The Meeting will begin at approximately 10.20 am.

For the past three years the Diocese has been working on ways to re-pattern ministry so that we can make more effective use of our resources. This discussion began before Covid, but became all the more urgent as Covid increased financial pressures on the churches, and decreased the number of active clergy and lay leaders in the area. The initial consultation period on the plan (‘Resourcing Sustainable Church’) came to an end in June, and Synod approved the new plan in July. We are now at the early stages of implementation and need to respond to phase one of the process by the end of September.

Sunday’s meeting will give us a chance to learn more about Resourcing Sustainable Church, to name where we think we are right now, and where we hope to be in a few year’s time. The decisions we will make through this process will have lasting impact on the shape of the church, and it is important that everyone who cares about the church finds a way to engage, and join in the discussions.

If you would like to be part of this process, but cannot come on Sunday, please ring Kimberly on 822172 to discuss other ways to get involved.

These two documents that will form the basis of our conversation.
Click on each to open the file.

The full report of Resourcing Sustainable Church, and a number of other resources, are available on the diocesan website here:

Or you might want the BBC’s interview with +David about Resourcing Sustainable Church. (click the small arrow below to play)

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