Advent Bake-Along

Once upon a time, before I was ordained, my December used to be filled with Christmas baking and card writing. Since I’ve been ordained, I’ve hardly written a card, and often do my first Christmas cooking on boxing day — once all the church services are done.

This year it’s going to be different. There is so much that we love to do that we won’t be able to do. We can’t have carol services; there won’t be big gatherings for Nativity plays and Christingles. We won’t be able to go carolling in the nursing homes, nor gather together for Christmas Fairs. But what we can do is cook.

Would you like to join me for an Advent Bake-Along?

Every weekend, I’m going to post a Bake-Along video. Sometimes, it will be pre-recorded; other times it might live on facebook (depending on the recipe and how long it takes). I’ll share a favourite holiday recipe, and the stories that go with it. You can join in at the time (‘bake-along’) or just watch and laugh at the rector’s folly.

The recipes all have traditions behind them — the youngest is about 20 years old, and the oldest is a family recipe that dates to the 1880s.

There is a list of recipes and ingredients below. The details of the recipe and the video will be posted each weekend, both here an on facebook.

If we all bake- along, there will also be lots of food to share with those who might be alone or overwhelmed with all the responsibilities they are carrying right now.

If you are shielding and unable to go to the shops, pick the week that has the recipe that you most want to try, and then ring me (Kimberly) on 01472 822172, and we’ll get you what you need. If not too many people need help — or if lots of you are willing be helpers — we might even get you the ingredients for each week. Just ring, and we’ll work it out.

The schedule and list of ingredients is here (PDF to print).
Or you can read it on screen below.

This week, it’s Stir-up Sunday, and we’ll be making Christmas Pudding.

— KB

4 Thoughts

  1. How can I get this Just been to get some ingredients for Christmas Pudding. This will be the first time I’ve made ,wish me luck.

  2. Well this was a first. Watching a cookery programme presented by Kimberly Bohan! Thanks. I’ll have a proper ‘go’ next week. btw the service was lovely.

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