smAll Saints – every Sunday

Starting on the 10th of September, smAll Saints will meet every Sunday at 11.30 am.

Each month, we’ll start with a word that will hold our stories, crafts and prayers together. And once a month, we’ll celebrate by making waffles, and sharing stories about holy meals where God has drawn close to God’s people.

smAll Saints is always planned with mixed age groups in mind. We try to be accessible for our youngest members, while also making space for older people to deepen their awareness of God. Come on your own, or with friends or family. Young children should bring a grown-up. Older children may come on their own, so long as parents come along at first so we can all get to know each other. Single people and couples who are new to faith might also find this an easy place to start exploring what life with God is all about. Older people might find this an easy place to worship without having to sit still, or worry if there’s need to get up and walk out for a few minutes. It’s all very relaxed. Holiness emerges from the normal messiness of life.

On waffle days, we’ll ask each of our regular members to take a turn helping us prepare or clean us afterwards. If you like cooking and setting the table, and would like to help make our first waffle church special, then do get in touch. 

Here’s the plan for autumn, every Sunday at 11.30 am at All Saints, Waltham.

September — Begin

10 & 17 September — Story, Crafts, Songs & Prayer

24 September — Waffles & Stories

October — Share

1, 8, 15, 30 October — Story, Crafts, Songs & Prayer

22 October — Waffles & Stories

November — Time

5 & 19 November — Story, Crafts, Song & Prayer

12 November — no smAll Saints.
Please join us at the Cenotaph at 11 am for Remembrance,
followed by an All Age service in Church.

26 November — Waffles & Stories

December — Light 

3 December — Crafting Kindness.
This week, members of our other congregations
will join us to make gifts for those for whom Christmas is a hard time.

10 & 17 December — Story, Crafts, Song & Prayer

24 December — no smAll Saints.
Join us instead at 2 pm or 4 pm for the Christingle

31 December — Waffles & Stories to bring in the New Year

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