smAll Saints re-launch

smAll Saints has been taking a nap for these past few months — most of the children who came to church regularly preferred coming to the 10 am Eucharist, and the families who were hoping to come to a shorter, more informal service found that it was hard to predict their schedules, and too often only one family turned up at a time. Sometimes it’s fun to have just one family and a priest or two — but most of the time, more people bring more joy.

Still: we haven’t given up. We know that there are some of you looking for a way to help raise your child in faith, and a time to worship that is manageable, even with toddlers. So, we’re going to try agin.

This time, we’re going to build it around you.

We are currently gathering a WhatsApp group to help the church talk with parents and parents talk with each other so that we can find the right time and frequency for smAll Saints worship. If you would like to join in the conversation, or if you would like to help us plan and lead better gatherings for adults and children together, please join us at WhatsApp, contact us, or head over to the church facebook page and send us a direct message.

Our hope is to have the new group launched by Easter — and sooner if we can. So, if you might be interested please get in touch now.

smAll Saints meets a particular need, but there is never a time when you shouldn’t bring children to church. Infants and toddlers, children, teens and adults are all welcome to be themselves, whenever and wherever we worship.

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